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The Flaming Succubus, born in the murderer month, under the influences of fullmoon's enchanted lights, I’m insane, I’m immortal, and I do what I want.

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September 23rd
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11:08 am

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    he seen dem’ shews on sale gurl
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    Brian found out this world needs some real swag so he unbuttoned a little.I bet he was doing this on purpose.
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    ^ XD To be fair, Brian’s always had sorta low nipples. And “let himself go”?? You’ve never been to America, have you...
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    that last picture omfg he’s like ‘qurl u best move out my way, dem shoes is on sale’
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    Omg everything about that description jwsjwjewowhwj
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    revealed his chest..his chest..HIS CHEST
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